A Scalable family of software RIP

to answer any need of the digital market and increase the productivity of the large format printer.

The software package has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of a Services Centre; with that aim, great attention has been used in order to create a very user-friendly interface that maximizes the productivity reducing user operations to a minimum. The key points of the software are the multichannel linearization module and the internal profiler (optional) , both developed by DevStudio, that always allow a top level print quality.

The ideal solution for:
Technical offices
Print shop
Interactive work space
  • Compatibility to most used graphical formats
  • PS Level 3 interpreter and HP-GL2 (.plt reader)
  • Cutting and nesting on the work space
  • Print without lenght limits
  • Management of 3 queues/Hot Folders, possibility to work in "Queue Mode"
Production funtionalities
  • Automatic and manual Tiling
  • Automatic and manual Nesting up to 99 images
  • Print on any WindowsTM printer
  • Full editing on every image
  • Print job report with preview
  • Management of printing costs*
*optional with
Functionalities for the photographers
  • Print through Hot Folder with automatic nesting of the images
  • Automatic index print generation
  • Color correction on any images
Powerful color management (CMS)
  • Integrated color management work flow (CMS)
  • Management of different ICC profiles for every image on the nesting, and different "Color Spaces" in the same image
  • With the "Profile Test" you can have a double preview of the image, with the reference profile only or applying also the media profile, to check the color fidelity
Professional calibration system
  • Multichannel linearization procedure, that manages all the inks of the printer, to achieve the best quality
  • Full flexibility in the choice of the number of the inks (CMYK - CMYKcm - CMYKcmk ...) optimizing the quality or the consumption
  • Integrated black generation system
Color correction curves (output curves)
  • The software gives the user the possibility to make color correction (with preview) directly on the print using curves and sliders

Optional modules

Server Module
  • Allows to manage up to 30 queues (printers) and 30 Hot Folders simultaneusly
  • It's an advanced proprietary module for the color management, that works from inside of POWER PLOTTER and POWER PROOF. It is completely integrated to their linearization modules
  • It allows to create COLOR PROFILES and DEVICE LINKS that provide a better color reproduction than the one you can achieve with third party profilers. It is fully compatible to the ICC standard and does not require any complex iterative procedure
  • Option fo the instrumental color accuracy verification. Reading the Fogra Mediawedge creates a report with ΔE vs the reference. Includes the licence for the Mediawedge V 2.x Fogra
Power Profile Editor
  • Tool for the editing of output icc profiles. Allows to edit the profiles using curves or using selective correction saving a new profile
  • With preview, this application is useful to correct possible defects in the profile, and to increase the color accuracy in proofing
Cost Manager
  • Software for the calculation of the printing costs of printers and LFPs
    The first software that gives you the chance to know the printing cost of any print job, also before printing (requires PowerPlotter / PowerProof).
Full Version
Download if the program has never been installed or removed
Upgrade Version
Download only if the program has been installed
Drivers (paper) for printers and plotters
Versione completa
Da scaricare se il programma non è mai stato installato o è stato rimosso
Brochures and software documents in PDF format

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