Better quality:

Profile your supports in just a few steps and get bright, precise and gray colors with more neutral thanks to the integrated “PowerProfiler” module *.

More Productivity:

Mac / PC Flow Manager client, imposition, front-back calibration, lots of handy utilities.

Minor Consumo:

Optimization of toner usage for lower consumption, calculation of file coverage.

Special color management interface:

Simple configuration of spot colors with preview directly on the RIP interface.


 Available for
Windows or Mac OS

Background Adaptative Profile1

See if your printer is eligible for over-depreciation
Industry 4.0 Ready

DEV PSPrint Special Color

The solution for Laser printing with Spot colors
Simple & Powerful

User friendly interface

User friendly interface that allows you to keep all print parameters under control. CMS for the management of ICC input and output profiles (paper), Soft Proofing function to allow easy verification of color quality on the display (requires calibrated monitor). Visual print report with automatic storage of all printed jobs, possibility to reprint a job with the same parameters and with the same quality (if the printer is in the same conditions).

Dark Paper Print with BG.A.P.TM**

  • Automatic white extraction with  BG.A.P.TM or Hybrid Profile technology for printing on colored papers and printers with white toner for 3D effect printing with low toner consumption (on dark paper does not use black toner)
  • Correction of images with curves and cursors and real print preview.
  • Digital filter to improve image detail.

*printers with white toner

Imposition generator

  • Rules for the management of the various formats, creation of booklets, layout for paperback, etc …
  • Interface on the working table to generate new imposition rules.
  • Automatic pagination of double-sided business cards.

Printer recalibration

  • Integrated printer recalibration system by reading a linearization chart.

Double-sided printing compensation 

  • Compensation of centering and duplex printing on the two X and Y axes. 
  • Possibility to save.
  • Double-sided printing compensation.
  • Compensation of centering and duplex printing on the two X and Y axes.
  • Possibility to save different compensations for different paper paths or paper types.

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