DevStudioDTG RIP 01
Enhanced Color Performance:

Specific profiles for DTG that guarantee color fidelity and precise preview on calibrated monitors.

More Productivity:

Fast Printing Engine and intuitive interface with productivity tools, Mask editor, Color removal, Color variations…


Less Consumption:

Reduced consumption thanks to an optimized use of black in standard profiles TM and enhanced reduction using BG.A.P.TM technology on colored T-Shirt. 

Calculation of the consumption of ink in the estimate and in the final balance.


Available for
Windows or Mac OS

Background Adaptative Profile1

DevStudio DTG RIP

Specific RIP Software for T-Shirt printing

Ease of use, power and flexibility, BG.A.P.TM *proprietary technology for printing on colored T-Shirts with reduced consumption, light feel and pleasant to the touch.
Proprietary* BG.A.P.TM (Patent Pending), it allows you to generate a
5-channel profile that uses the color of the T-Shirt as additional color minimizing the use of inks, CMYK and White. This gives the t-Shirt a much more natural look and feel, as it drastically reduces consumption and therefore the thickness of the ink layer on the fabric.

User friendly interface

– You can operate by dragging the image and placing it on the T-Shirt and working directly with the print preview (soft proofing) active.

– All printing parameters are always under control.

– Selection of the type of print, white, black TM or colored t-Shirts with BG.A.P.™ Technology and Color shift function.

Mask Editor and Color Removal

– Rip integrates a simple tool to create image masks to print without using external software or being expert in photo editing.

– The white masks can be autogenerated in various ways, the white mask contraction option is integrated it allows to remove the possible white lines on the edge of the image.

– The Rip includes the function of Color Removalto exclude a given colorfrom the image and use the shirt colorinstead.


BG.A.P.™ Proprietary Technology

This unique function uses the color of the 

T-Shirt as a virtual coloring, thus minimizing the use of CMYK real inks and, above all, the white ink. This gives the T-Shirt a much more natural appearance and touch, drastically reducing the consumption and thickness of the ink layer on the fabric.


 Calculation of coverage and estimation of costs

The savings allowed by the BG.A.P.™ function can reach 90% in the presence of images that contain colors derived from those of the 

T-Shirt. By appropriately configuring the software, it is possible to obtain an estimation of the printing costs. BG.A.P.™ also includes a system for creating color variations of images in accordance with the color of the T-Shirt.


Integrated print report

DEVStudio DTG RIP includes a visual print report that allows you to reload every job done, even after a long time, and reprint the T-Shirt with the same parameters used originally. It is also possible to save the print to a file so that it can be reprinted without having the original image.

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*Technology developed by DevStudio and Colorstream

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