Create screen films easily and in economy

You simply need a film for inkjet and a printer, to create films used in screen printing, typography, pad printing and flexography (indicative range 15-180lpi with 2880x2880dpi resolution printers).

Quality and repeatability of work

The inkjet technology, combined with specific AM screens, ensures high print accuracy and a high number of gray levels for continuous tones. It is also possible to replicate the work for future use.

Preview of plates and pagination of the films of the various channels

The software allows you to view a preview of the separations and place on the pasteboard films belonging to various channels at once. It works with CMYK JPG files or CMYK+Spot TIF or PDF.

Black Inklimit management

You can adjust the black ink level to adapt to the print conditions.

Calibration of linearization/ dotgaincurve

You can adapt the linearization curves/dot gain for each print condition by adjusting a user configurable dot gain curve with user selectable points.

Management of different dot types (spot function)
The software allows to choose amongs various dot functions.
Print negative or positive films  

You can either print negative or positive films starting from the original file.


 Available for
Windows or Mac 


RIP Software for creating screen films with inkjet printers

New simplified interface

The new interface for the film has been redesigned and optimized.

  • Multiplatform: Mac OS and Windows
  • Compatibility with all printer drivers most suitable for the production of high quality films.

Automatic Separation

The program automatically separates the document in all its channels (CMYK + N) and allows you to set the screen independently of each channel. You will have the preview of all channels on the screen.

Preview of the plates on display 

All the films are open on the video and shown as separate object in the working area, with the possibility of arranging freely to optimize space.

Indipendent dot gain curves

Ability to create custom dot gain curves for each of printer drivers association, resolution and screen model. (es 2880×2880 – 80LPI, 1440×1440-Stochastic). The program automatically selects the appropriate curve while loading.

Accurate print report 

Each print job is recorded in the report from which you can analyze your production output and repeat exactly a work already carried out.

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